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Project Description

Genesis in the Hills, Roleystone

Genesis in the Hills is where nature, food and music come together to celebrate creativity. Located near Araluen Botanic Park in Roleystone – some 35km southeast of Perth – Genesis in the Hills is home to both an atmospheric vegetarian restaurant and an innovative school of music.

The food is sourced from the on-site organic garden, and local growers. They have a delicious, vegetarian, whole food menu, plus Fair Trade coffee. They also offer options which are wheat-free, dairy-free or vegan.

Making a Booking


(08) 9397 7799


Venues are given a rating out of three based on their triple bottom line performance in the areas of people, planet, and pocket. We look at physical features as well as operational considerations. Below you’ll find the features of this venue that we have considered in our rating.


ACROD parking onsite or within 200m of the venue’s entrance

ACROD toilet facilities

Universal accessibility (i.e. ramps, lifts, automatic or push-button doors)

Catering accommodates for cultural and religious requirements (i.e. Halal, Vegan, Kosher)

Donate superseded equipment to charities or community groups,

Venue Information available in various formats (i.e. braille, simple english)

Purchase Fair Trade consumables (e.g. tea, coffee)


Use of indoor plants

Use of locally produced and seasonal fruits and vegetables if in-house catering offered

Native or waterwise plants at the venue

E-advertising instead of paper or printed promotional materials


Private Individual or Company

Instead of “venue hire” they offer “collaboration” and want to work with you to create something which will engage the community.

Actual prices may vary from free to whatever covers your needs, but their focus is on building a community hub.