The team behind the Sustainable Venue Guide. Left to right: James McDonald (BSust, Maj. Sustainable Business Management), Dhaarshynni Duraragh, Katrina Bercov, & Rithika Achuthan.

The concept behind this site was originally conceived by professional event manager, Katrina Bercov. Katrina was constantly asked for venue suggestions from people who care about their event’s “footprint”. In 2018, Sustainable Venue Guide, was re-developed and redesigned by a small team of knowledgable and dedicated volunteers.

Sustainable event management is all about the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Pocket. Delivering a minimal impact is all about using innovation, creativity and thoughtfulness to ensure that your event will be gentle on the earth, respectful of people and easy on the wallet!

This guide was created as a quick reference resource to assist people in finding suitable and sustainable venues and to help promote some great venues which are not widely known.