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Project Description

VisAbility Conference Centre, Victoria Park

Cityplace Community Centre is located INSIDE the central Wellington St Train Station.

There are various meeting rooms for hire by the general community and a range of programs designed to especially welcome seniors and people with disabilities.

Making a Booking


Venues are given a rating out of three based on their triple bottom line performance in the areas of people, planet, and pocket. We look at physical features as well as operational considerations. Below you’ll find the features of this venue that we have considered in our rating.


ACROD parking onsite or within 200m of the venue’s entrance

ACROD toilet facilities

Universal accessibility (i.e. ramps, lifts, automatic or push-button doors)

Unisex toilet facilities

High visibility signage (i.e. large lettering, high contrast)

Provide free or low cost community education services

Venue Information available in various formats (i.e. braille, simple english)


Public transport within a 10-minute walk

Low energy lighting and appliances

Train station within a 10-minute walk

Use of indoor plants


Nonprofit Organisation

Prices are very reasonable for the quality of the facilities but not as low as many of the community venues on this site.

Funds go back into supporting the centre.

It is owned by a non-profit community group supporting people with vision impairment.