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Project Description

Bib & Tucker, Fremantle

We are passionate about creating a dining experience like no other through friendly service, amazing food and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and we believe in serving up whatever is the freshest, not whatever is most convenient. That’s why you will never find anything frozen on our menu. We are guided by a ‘love your locals’ ethos which means our menu is a celebration of the best seasonal produce our Perth-based suppliers have to offer.

We receive fresh sustainably sourced ingredients daily and our food is prepared through a fusion of modern and primitive cooking techniques including smoking, pickling and wood firing. Under the guidance of executive chef and partner Scott Bridger these classical and modern cooking styles produce timeless dishes presented in an eclectic style. Since our food looks (almost) as good as at tastes, our guests can look forward to feasting their eyes before conquering their appetites.

Making a Booking


Venues are given a rating out of three based on their triple bottom line performance in the areas of people, planet, and pocket. We look at physical features as well as operational considerations. Below you’ll find the features of this venue that we have considered in our rating.


ACROD parking onsite or within 200m of the venue’s entrance

ACROD toilet facilities, Universal accessibility (i.e. ramps, lifts, automatic or push-button doors)

Catering accommodates for cultural and religious requirements (i.e. Halal, Vegan, Kosher)

Baby change / parent facilities

High visibility signage (i.e. large lettering, high contrast)

Venue Information available in various formats (i.e. braille, simple english)

Staff trained in cultural inclusion

Purchase Fair Trade consumables (e.g. tea, coffee)

Employ people experiencing disadvantage (e.g. people with a disability, long term unemployed, minority groups)


Recycling of venue waste

Public transport within a 10-minute walk

Bike racks or alternative secure bike storage

Low energy lighting and appliances

Train station within a 10-minute walk

Recycled or eco-friendly consumables in use

Venue promotions and documents use sustainable printing processes such as recycled paper and vegetable inks

Use of indoor plants

Use of low pollution paints, sealants, and carpets where applicable

Composting of food waste

Use of locally produced and seasonal fruits and vegetables if in-house catering offered

Native or waterwise plants at the venue

E-advertising instead of paper or printed promotional materials

Environmentally friendly policies listed around the venue to educate guests

Sustainability education programs offered

Venue or organisation carbon offsets activities


Private Individual or Company