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Project Description

A Place To Just Be, East Fremantle

Situated in a hide-away location at East Fremantle, Perth, you will discover a place to just be; a small workshop venue for groups of up to 25 people. Full details of the facilities available are given under the facilities sub-page.

On our gardens page you will find a number of images that will stir the imagination and recall childhood memories of nature

The beautiful Swan river is a short stroll away where you often see pods of dolphins. The nearest beach is only 5 minutes away, should you feel like relaxing at the end of the day.

A place to just be is a secluded, tranquil haven set among hundred year old gum trees, with palms, ferns and exotic plants beside the buildings and waterways.Huge granite rocks around the many koi ponds look like they have been there for an eternity.

The ponds run the length of the block and several bridges lead to Nooks, Crannies and more surprises.
Sculptures blend into the garden and waterways…designed to inspire creativity, give insight or simply lift the spirit.
The buildings create a natural synergy with the environment…most of them built from recycled materials, limestone rocks and various coloured or stained glass works.The entrance takes you down a winding pathway, through a gate and follows a path past the main group room.

Across the way is a circular stone meditation room, down some stairs to the charming teahouse and secluded eating areas. Then across a stone bridge to the reflexology room, across another bridge to the swimming pool and mandala room and further along the path to the art studio.

Making a Booking


Bettye Christian


0405 670 803



Venues are given a rating out of three based on their triple bottom line performance in the areas of people, planet, and pocket. We look at physical features as well as operational considerations. Below you’ll find the features of this venue that we have considered in our rating.


Unisex toilet facilities


Public transport within a 10-minute walk

Train station within a 10-minute walk

Recycled or eco-friendly consumables in use

Use of indoor plants

E-advertising instead of paper or printed promotional materials

Use of recycled and/or recyclable furniture


Private Individual or Company

All funds are used to maintain and improve the facilities