Once you’ve found a sustainable venue, you may like to ensure other aspects of your event are sustainable. This page will link you to ideas, and suppliers who support event organisers that want to have fabulous, low foot print events.

Remember, we don’t operate or represent any of these organisations and make no guarantee about quality, service or sustainability. We simply provide this information in good faith, as a starting point, but you need to do your own due diligence with all options and make an informed decision. If you would like to suggest a service or supplier to be added to this guide, or suggest a change please contact us.

Environmentally Sustainable Event Guides and Tips

Biodegradable Food Containers

Carbon Offset Services

** Produce less waste and use more renewable energy during events, once reduction reaches its limit, carbon offsets would make up for the rest. It is a form of trade where you buy offset to neutralise the carbon emission made. Consider making your event carbon neutral by using an offset service.

  • Carbon Neutral – Carbon Neutral is a carbon solution provider and Australia’s major biodiverse reforestation offset developer. Services ranges from advisory, caron reduction, plant-a-tree and carbon offset. Carbon Neutral’s project focuses on Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in WA, they also source international offsets. All projects are in compliance to Kyoto Protocol Mechanism.
  • Carbon Offset Guide – Guide released by Carbon Reduction Institute on carbon offsetting. It provides a guide to companies and individual to invest on environmental projects to offset carbon footprint.
  • C02 Australia – CO2 Australia is an environmental consultancy company to provide environmental solutions to minimise environmental impacts.
  • Green Fleet – Carbon offset provider restores forests around Australia and offset carbon emissions on-behalf of organisations and individuals from Australia and New Zealand.

Education and Training

Activities and Entertainment

General Event Management

  • WACOSS offers affordable, one day training courses in Event Management along with other relevant skills like marketing, grant writing, risk management etc.

Event Planning Guides

Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor to apply for a Liquor licence:

Free event templates

Risk Management

Event Risk Management Checklist

Law and Regulations

City of Joondalup Event Package: heaps of great info, even if your event is elsewhere.

Community legal centre specialising in the arts – great for advice on contracts and cultural events.


Local Community Insurance: a specialist insurance provider established to manage the insurance needs of clubs and community groups within Australia


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  • Source Foods
    A highgate cafe specialising in eco-catering, including organic, free-range, vegan/vegetarian and local – depending on your needs. They do great finger food, plus buffet menus and working lunches. Very flexible and friendly.
  • Innovations (can offer organic, vegetarian or gluten-free)
    This is a mainstream catering company with an eco-twist. They offer most services and will source organic etc on request. Especially recommended for larger or special events needing stunning catering with an eco-twist. Beautiful presentation!
  • The Hidden Pantry (eco-catering)
    The ethos at The Hidden Pantry is quite different to other caterers, or any business really. We take sustainability seriously. We take good food seriously. And we love to be of service.Our food is good for you, and thoughtful for the planet whilst being affordable and delivered in a warm and professional manner. We would love to support your event or organisation to become one of the most sustainable in Australia, just by the choice of your food, by choosing The Hidden Pantry as your preferred caterer.
  • Panorama Catering 
    Caterer which uses a holistic approach to all levels of business by way of incorporating sustainable and best management practices. They support: fair trade, aquaculture, organic principles and bio-dynamics and do some amazing social justice / charity stuff in the community. Chef-run, seriously amazing food. Can be very theatrical!
  • The Raw Kitchen raw food workshops and mobile catering trailer
  • The Organic Circle
    Offer a range of catering options for events & private functions. Catering is 100% Organic- Vegan/Vegetarian, Raw Vegan & Gluten Free.
  • Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie
    Brings to Perth ‘The Swiss Art of Baking’, offering an extensive variety of exquisite Swiss pastries, bread, cakes and sandwiches that can be ordered through their new online ordering system.
  • Eco Eats Catering
    Eco Eats provide catering services that are healthy and eco-friendly.
  • List of Organic Retailers in Perth


  • Workpower WA – provide employment for people with disabilities while providing a range of services such as filling show bags and conference packs, collating, packaging and assembly, and producing promotional materials.
  • Box n Crate Hire – an excellent eco-friendly way to move your event gear!


Consider sourcing recycled event requirements and recycle your materials afterwards.

Eco Shops

Most households have an unsolved Rubiks Cube but you can esily solve it with this guide learning a few algorithms.

Eco Party Supplies

Green Printing

Learn more about Green Stamp Program within the printing industry.

Promoting your Event

Send your event details to these promotional avenues


Online Tiketing

e-ticketing is more efficient and automated, along with saving paper and postage

Eco Cleaning Services